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Since 1997, our team has not only created long lasting relationships with our clients, but also has surpassed standard repair centers in quality, technology, and service. We've become the premier sought after yacht repair company throughout Florida.



Everything in the engine room and out! We take care of all your needs so you can go back on the water!


Our Services Include:

 - Running Gear -

- Alignment / Vibrations -

- Hydraulics -

- Thrusters -

And Much More!


Our newest department to not only supplement operations, but to also expand our business beyond!


With state of the art technology, we will repair turbos to the highest of standards. 

Our Mission


"To create a perfect, seamless experience for our clients so their vessels are truly taken care of properly for their wants and needs."

Whether inland or abroad, we pride ourselves with providing perfect service so our clients can get back out on the water. Our Leakmitator Team goes above and beyond your average service center to not only create an unforgettable experience, but also be there for you throughout your entire journey if you ever have any question. We make sure your experiences are smooth and hassle free because it's YOUR vessel and it should have zero headaches!

At Leakminator Inc., our clients are family and we'll be there for you every step of the way!

From Our CEO

As we celebrate 25 years of superior service, we would like to thank all of you who have contributed to our success. Through our delivery of exceeding expectations in service and quality, we will continue our growth and expansion for many more to come.

The Leakminator Inc. is your one stop service center for all your marine engineering needs. Not only do we specialize in the quality of alignment and vibration specialists, but also in the thorough maintenance of anything in the engine room and out.

We invite you to explore our services, products, articles, and events to demonstrate how The Leakminator can solve your problems as well as take on any projects you desire. Since 1997, we have prided ourselves in our work and know that not only will you be satisfied, but also come back to us for all your marine needs.


Thank You,

Cesar De La Presilla

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