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Running Gear

Removal and installation of props and shafts; cutlass bearing renewal; rudders and shaft logs repacking.

Image by Hal Gatewood

Shaft Seals

Installation of new seal systems and repair of leaky old ones.

Image by Jasper Garratt


Engine alignments and strut alignment check laser or wire target; engine and strut alignments; vibration analysis.

Image by zhang kaiyv


Repair of leaks of any kind; water, fuel, oil, hydraulics, pneumatics, gray and black waters, exhaust.

Image by Sven Mieke

Design & Engineering

Design of running gear, shafts, couplings, angles, struts, props; on new boats or repowers. Tanks calculations.

Image by Mikael Stenberg


Installation of new WESMAR and TRAC systems, maintenance.

Image by Nicolas Messifet


Repair of hydraulic cylinders, gangways, sea ladders, davits, hose replacements.

Image by Wai Siew


New installations or repairs.

Image by Joseph Barrientos

Steering Gear

Installation of new systems, repairs, packing or seals, rudder alignment, rudder indicators.

Image by Roger Starnes Sr


New installations or repairs; seacocks exercising or renewal for coastguard Inspections.

Image by Ian Keefe

Trim Tabs Gear

New installations or repairs.

Image by Markus Spiske


Maintenance, oil change, impeller renewal, zincs renewal, filters.

Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos


New installations or repairs.

white and black jet plane on sea during daytime_edited.jpg

Water Makers

New installations.

Image by K Adams


Repair on all kind of pumps, including electric motors.

Image by Bobby Stevenson


New installations or repairs. Anchor and chain galvanizing.

Image by Zsolt Palatinus


Electrolysis problems diagnostics and repairs. Zinc sizing calculations.

Image by Johnny killroy


Thru-hull and bottom strainers installation; transducer installations..

Maintenance Packages

Maintenance Packages

The Leakminator has designed an original maintenance package to safeguard your vessel and minimize boating down time by providing extensive and periodic inspections to evaluate the systems on your boat.

Maintenance packages include inspection, small repairs, and advice on the following systems on board:

Image by Jimmy  Chang


Check for leaks, adjust, clean, and check for corroded hose clamps.

Image by Quentin Grignet


Check switches, dimmers, and bulbs to be operational.

Image by Joseph Barrientos


Check for oil pressure, reservoir level, leaks, bleeding, and loose connections.

Image by Shaah Shahidh

Sea Strainers

Clean up and sea cock exercising.

Image by K Adams

Bilge Pumps

Check for auto and manual operation, wire corrosion and debris cleaning.

Image by Stefano Bucciarelli


Check for electrolyte level and cable corrosion.

Image by Zsolt Palatinus

Corrosion Control

Check for leaks, corroded hoses and clamps, bonding wires, and lubrication.

white and black jet plane on sea during daytime_edited.jpg


Check for leaks, corrosion, oil levels.

Image by Jordan Cormack

Trim Tabs

Check for leaks, oil level, and operation.

Image by Markus Spiske

Engine Fluids

Check fluids, top off if necessary.



The following prices are for yachts of up to 55 feet:

1 Visit


2 Visits
(Every 6 Months)


3 Visits
(Every 4 Months)


4 Visits
(Every 3 Months)


Boats From
56' - 90'



Boats From



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