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Our product store is here for you to browse through our inventory. Please call us at (305)-318-9583 regarding any of the following items you wish to know about and purchase.

Ball Valves Sea CocksService

Large selection of sea cocks at discounted prices.


Standard and metric cutlass bearings, metallic or not, best prices.

Bilge Pump Switches

Compare our prices.

Bilge Pumps

Compare our prices.


Straight, split, and taper; for all kind of transmissions.

Dive Flags

12” x 15” with spreader, lowest price.


All sizes Want to install line cutters and don’t have room? Kill two birds with one shot installing these and at a fraction of the cost of a spacer.

Flax Packing

All sizes.

Gasket Materials

For all applications.

Hard to Find

Hard to find parts, European, metric, special alloys.


Just call and ask.

Heat Exchangers, Oil Coolers

Great selection and prices.

Hose Clamps

T-bolt, Hi-Torque, Constant-Torque, Iron Exhaust double bolt, mini, 304 or 316 stainless.


Blue silicone, corrugated silicon exhaust, heater hose, exhaust with or without wire and corrugated, fuel hose, clear vinyl, poly-braid, bilge, sanitation, ducting.


Jabsco, Oberdorfer, Sherwood.

Oil Change Pumps

AC or DC, gear or vane pumps, reversible, oil change systems, portable.

Racor Filters

Complete units, single, double, triple, replacement elements 2, 10, and 30 microns, vacuum restriction gauges.

Sea Strainers

All sizes and configurations, Perko, Groco, in line, multi port.

Shaft Seals, Tides, PSS

Tides Marine, PSS, standard or metric.


All diameters and lengths, threaded, for hoses, 90 degrees, bronze, plastic, nylon, marelon.

Trac and Wesmar Stabilizer Systems

Complete systems, TRAC or WESMAR.

Water Heaters

Rounds or squares, any voltage, stainless, sized to fit.

Water Pumps

Centrifugal, vane pumps, submersibles, AC or DC, baitwell, diaphragm, macerators, water systems.


Shaft zincs standard or metric, donuts, hull zincs, tear drop, zinc plates, rudder zincs, pencils, diver plates.

Aluminum Tanks

We would calculate capacities or design your tanks in any shape or configuration.

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